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            Yuji Takei,

     Managing Director


Yuji is an experienced global business leader with an extensive track record in senior roles in multinational companies, both in Japan and around the globe. He has the unique experience of having interacted effectively both in a Japanese and global corporate environment and is able to explain the needs of successfully operating in Japan in a multinational environment to both Japanese and non-­Japanese.

     Hiroshi Nakamura

     Executive Director


Hiroshi has been working as Human resources/Organisation development consultant to various multinational companies in IT, Auto, Electric, Telecom and Airlines, etc. by conducting a lot of training programmes to educate interpersonal skills such as Selling, Leadership and Customer services. His ultimate goal is to create ‘High Engagement Organisation’.

   Toshihiko Mizubayashi

       Executive Director


Over 35 years in total, Mizu has been involved in the financial market by working for both Japanese and international companies, and has long  experiences of managing business in both Japanese and international environment.



       Sean Yoshida

       Executive Director


Sean played senior roles in three major British organisations to optimise the performance of operations in Japan. He also lead teams in London and Singapore to deliver performance.


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